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Laser Etching

At Smet Monuments we use only the latest technology and our laser equipment is no exception. We are able to laser etch anything from a beautiful landscape, to a portrait of your loved one. Both result in a remarkably detailed, fully custom, and durable monument: an ideal option for preserving the memory of a loved one.

Porcelain Photos

Smet Monuments is proud to produce a wide range of custom porcelain photo shapes and sizes. Porcelain photos are a popular option that allows full-colour photos of scenes or your loved ones to be included on memorials. Porcelain photos are durable, will not fade from the sunlight, and feature a lifetime warranty against damage or discolouration.

Shaping & Carving

Beautifully hand carved and crafted, these custom memorials are sure to stand out and provide that extra special element to your monument. Each memorial should reflect the individual(s) it represents, so here at Smet Monuments, we can provide a variety of distinct, original, and special shapes to help preserve the memories of loved ones.

Everlasting Memories

This new program we are offering is called Everlasting Memories and it harnesses the power of your mobile device, through scanning a QR code to link a monument to an online memorial dedicated to your loved one. Everlasting Memories captures and links pictures, movies, obituaries, guest book, map to final resting place, family tree, and much more.

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