The following is offered as a general guide to assist you in purchasing a memorial.

  • Have a friend or relative with you, it’s important for all decision makers to be involved.
  • General price is determined by size and colour of granite used.
  • The thickness of the stone is usually 6″ or 8″. Thickness does not determine quality – only price.
  • Lettering, personal design, delivery, tax and warranty should all be included in the price.
  • Not all granite colours are created equally, granite from places like China can have inherent quality issues. At Smet Monuments we do not use Chinese granite unlike many other providers, and it’s always important to ask where the granite originates. 75% of our granite colours originate in North America.
  • If it is more convenient for you to have this personal decision made in the comfort of your own home, askĀ us to visit you. Again, have a friend or relative there with you.
  • Not all granite is equal in quality. If a flaw or imperfection were ever to appear in the granite that you purchase, it should be stated in writing that it will be replaced at absolutely no cost to you or your successors. This is protected under out perpetual warranty for all memorials sold by Smet Monuments.
  • Our goal at Smet Monuments is to provide the most caring and compassionate service possible, and we work with families to create truly custom designs for their memorials.
  • Your monument should be designed to reflect your personal tastes and there should be no additional charge to have this done. For example, family crests, scenes, logos, etc. Create a list of items you’d like to include for when you meet with a representative.

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